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Seems that the only appropriate thing to write about for this week’s blog’s post is the amazing event that occurred for Shane and I on Friday afternoon – he asked me to marry him! I truly could not be happier, or have a more peaceful feeling in my soul.  This life has been a wild journey so far (for both of us), but the moment I met Shane, I knew he was ‘it’ – I just knew.

 This is just a raw story about love.

I woke up on Friday morning and immediately noticed that there was something different about the day; the ocean was calm and the sky was blue. I felt an overwhelming urge to get outdoors, so I made my Reishi Coffee and headed to “my tree”.  I will have to figure out a way to introduce you all to this tree I keep referring too. I sat at the base of the tree, placed one hand on the tree, 2 feet planted on the earth and talked to her – legit, I spoke out loud words to this magnificent being. I just prayed, I shared my fears and my gratitude and I thanked the Universe for this special clarity and calm feeling in my soul. Next, I burst into the house and made Shane get out of bed and come and join me. It was too good to pass up, and too good to have this moment all alone.

You know those moments when you are on vacation and your last day is approaching, and you sit down on the earth and look out at the grand sight that Mother Nature is, and you think “Man, if I lived here I would do this every day – I would just sit; and just be thankful”… Well that was exactly what this morning was like, expect that this is home. We don’t have to go anywhere.  There are spiritual traditions that say that this life is all an illusion, a dream– well, on the morning of Friday January 19th, I told Shane that finally I have found a place in this lifetime that I don’t want to be woken from --- I have finally entered a place of deep rooted l.o.v.e. Nothing has felt better.

After we had completed our morning chores of composting, elixir making, and wood chopping, Shane asked me if I wanted to head to the “lookout”.

The lookout is a magical little spot here in our front yard. It overlooks the sea and the doc – we enjoyed some really memorable times with friends and family over the summer doing moon rituals, and laying under the stars; it’s become a special spot. On this particular afternoon the lookout was a special kind of mystical sight – the sun was beaming down causing all of the rich green moss covered ground to release steam – it was magic. Shane started hugging me and telling me he wanted to marry me, and that he loved me – I started tearing up right away. And then, he did it – he got down on 1 knee and proposed.

custom made by Shane Hayden & Alexandra Dodds

custom made by Shane Hayden & Alexandra Dodds

I’m still trying to take this all in. I’m still overwhelmed when I look down at my hand. But mostly I am amazed and so grateful for how life has directed my existence so far. There was so many moments of doubt, and so many dark nights – it took everything I had to slow down and calmly trust the process. So many stars aligned for Shane and I; I believe in a deep place in my soul that this relationship is very divine, and very meant to be. After all the storms and the wild parts in life – when the peace comes – when you can see the rainbow, the feeling of trust and surrender is something I can not put into words.

I am so grateful for life’s path.