december journal, entry {two}

I have been thinking alot about money they past while -- all the aspects of it, what it means and represents, what is like to have it, how it feels to lack it, manifesting more of it, why we worry about it and how it truly can take control of our thoughts, if we let it. 

Money, hey? It's a thing we think about, stress about, desire, dream over and worry about.

Money is an extension of our thoughts and beliefs; it is simply a from of energy -- that's it. How do you talk about money? What is your relationship with abundance? Are you a quick fix person desiring the instant gratification or do you think longer term, bigger picture? Or... can you have it both ways?

I have been working on debunking unhealthy relationships and belief systems that I have had with money -- one of the classic stories I have told myself is that "healers don't make good money" and that "money making is wrong and selfish". I was -- for a long time -- scared to talk about money, scared to admit that I wanted to make money and live in abundance; something felt fundamentally wrong about it for me. It's that good ol' Mother Teresa example -- saving the world in poverty -- and while I respect Mother Teresa and I see nothing wrong with the path she took I do not buy that it has to be all healers path's. 

I have always prioritized spending money on my wellness -- from school to courses to therapy and energy work -- I literally always have the bills that are attached to my wellness journey. To me, it is important -- it is a priority. I will skip out on many of the other "joys" in life to be sure that I can dedicate a certain amount of abundance to good quality food, some kind of a fitness//wellness class and always some sort of modality of personal healing. I will skip out on a dinner out at a restaurant to have an acupuncture session if I need to. I will cut back on spending to ensure the funds for therapy if I need too. I have no issues choosing to buy good quality food over new shoes or other un-needed items. 

And yet, I see it all of the time -- the humans who want the coaching, the healing sessions or the programs but "don't have enough funds" and yet these are the very people that are also dining out frequently or purchasing pre-made (more expensive) meals, drinking wine at wine bars grabbing numerous pints with friends after work and spending excessive amounts on coffee's out or un-needed clothing and fast fashion. 

These things ADD UP and they do so fast.

I'm a coffee human -- I love going out to a coffee shop in the mornings to blog and write; I am simply most inspired and productive here. But let's get real about it: at $2.75-$3.10/coffee (depending where I go) every day of the week ends up adding up to: $1000.75 - $1130.50 / year. Is this money I want to spend? The answer for me -- after I carefully looked at this -- is, YES. I love this ritual and for me this is a very conscious choice... but how many money choices are we making (am I making) that are blind and sleeping choices?

I use a term in my life and my practice called "energy leak" -- these are the places in our lives that we are leaking energy as opposed to increasing it -- things such as: phone addictions, Facebook and IG, T.V etc. They are the places that we are resisting doing our work; big distractions; flashy ways of procrastinating. This concept can be (and should be) applied to money also -- where are the money energy leaks? Where are we spending unconsciously? Where can we tighten things up in our week to week lives to ensure that we have the abundance to do the self-care work that will propel us forward in the long run?

How many coffee's/week are you buying? How often are you dining out? or picking up fast food? How many pints or wines do you head out for with friends? What about spending on the weekend? Do you consign clothes and buy second hand or is there a fervorless and unconscious clothing budget? Do you have your car cleaned or do you clean it yourself? How many bottles of water are purchased weekly? What ways do you spend dollars that simply do not need to be spent?

There are a million ways to look at finances as an extension to our energy field and a million ways to nurture our bank accounts just like we nurture our souls or our bodies. Abundance is a part of wellness, our ability to manage our funds and spend on things that elevate us is as important as eating well or exercising -- these choices weight heavily on our mindset and spirit. Why don't we set our finances up so that they increase our vibe as apposed to robbing us of energy in the form of worry and doubt and obsession?

I whole heartedly believe that part of glowing wellness is learning to manage our monies so that we are spending on things that increase our vibration and propel us forward. Money is simply an energy and must be managed as so.