december journal, entry {three} -- fuck motivation

This is going to be short and sweet and probably trigger a few readers. 

There seems to be a theme in the air from the humans I come in contact with; the theme is: 'a lack of motivation'. I continue to hear people tell me "oh, I am just lacking the motivation to do  -- the thing -- " to which I respond, "so what? do -- the thing -- anyway". 

Why are we waiting for motivation to do -- the thing -- that we know we need to do to be well? When did we start to believe that a shiny dose of joyful, uplifting, golden MOTIVATION is needed as a prerequisite to do -- the thing -- rather than the opposite order, which is often the truth for people... we do -- the thing -- without motivation and the result is ... increased motivation in our lives. 

I think waiting for the shiny hit of all consuming MOTIVATION is about as effective to getting shit done as sitting around wishing it was getting done all the while scratching our bellies and mowing down on salt & vinegar chips. 

Get up and do -- the thing -- that you know you need to do to be well and find more motivation. Or I guess you can choose to wait... but life will pass you by and the motivation to do -- the thing -- will cease to come and alas you may find yourself playing a big ass game of catch up to attain wellness and balance. 

Sometimes -- I am sorry to tell you -- the antidote to a lack of motivation is simple: get the fuck up and work your ass off even if you don't feel like it. Life doesn't give a shit if you feel like it. It's will pass you by with the attitude of "waiting for motivation to hit".

 Do you know how often I don't feel like it? How often I would rather give up or skip out on sweeping and eating well? All the time. Do you how often I would rather sleep in than get to a coffee shop and show up with all of my heart for my work? Alot of the time. But guess what? I get my ass up and I do what I know I need to do to be well becasue that is the only way to stay balanced. Do you know how much didn't want to give up wine? I wasn't motivated to do it; I knew I had to -- and so I did. Simple. Life is not going to hand you obstacles on a golden try -- get up and get moving. This is your life and your responsibility. 

The miracle ironically lays in the fact that once you start moving and doing -- motivation will fall like a torrential downpour all over your life. You gotta give it to get it. 

Now get out there and start living sweet humans, the world is waiting for you.