fuck you -- giving a {voice} to anger


I've worked with a lot of clients over the past 10 years who are afraid of their emotions
they are afraid of what they are capable of or;
they feel embarrassed or shamed by the shadow emotions
the emotions we commonly refer to as "negative"
there is no such thing as a "bad" emotion and there is no need to suppress the authenticity of what shows up on our lives
suppressing an emotion is like holding an inflated ball under water -- it won't work, and when it stops working it explodes
anger is an emotion I have had to learn to deal with; undelt with anger for me turns to rage and hatred and it poisons all that I do
it manifests for me as insomnia, distance in relationships with loved ones, physical self-harm, alcohol, and most profoundly a deep self-disconnection
so the other day when my heart broke and rage fizzled at the seat of my soul I called on all my self care tools including:

- crying so hard I couldn't breathe

- long run by the river

- an UN-sent letter to the causes or reason for my broken heart

- Dub step

- kali the warrior goddess

- & art
i gave my anger an outlet and a voice, and as I did that the wave passed and I have been able to soften up and see a little clearer. no, it did not and will not magically fix the situations that contributed to it, but what I can tell you it will do is this:
it enables my self-compassion, it upholds my boundaries, it stops me from engaging in unhealthy drama, it shows me where I end and another begins ( boundaries ), it frees me of a nasty build up of toxic energy in my body allowing me to more clearly access love and clarity
honouring where we are at is fundamental in self-acceptance
the shadow emotions are not to be avoided, but to be acknowledged to make way for more light