{ HABIT } vs. intent

I coach people on a daily basis. 3 days out of my week are spent phone coaching corporate clients on the topics of nutrition and health. For many of these particular clients I ran a daily risk of sounding like a hippie-holistic-idealist; so I tend to tread light in the beginning of these calls, you know, to gain some credibility. (my personal clients are different, as they have normally sought me out knowing my Goddess philosophy!) Secretly I view these calls as opportunities to plant the seeds of Self-Love. Of course, I don’t drop the “L” bomb, not at 1st anyway! I talk about increasing veggies, but what I am saying to these people on an energetic level is “Nourish your body, your mind and your soul.. You deserve the deepest love and nourishment possible”.

Often times one of the 1st conversations I will have with people is the practice of ‘mindful eating’, which of course includes chewing your food, connecting with your food in the form of gratitude and creating a sacred eating space. What the hell is a ‘sacred eating space’, you ask? It is a sacred place to eat – it means we set the table, it means we focus on the food we are eating; it means we chew and taste and feel what it feels like to eat. It means that we do not multi task and eat, nor do we wolf our food down at record speed as if to suggest that eating is a hindrance in our daily list of “to-do’s”.

Food is a gift straight from Mother Nature. Think about that for a minute; the meal you just ate came from a living creature; it started as a mere seed planted into the depths of the dark ground. Or perhaps it was a single cell that morphed into a live creature that in all truth has given up its existence for your nourishment. Without sounding to ‘preach-y’ I gotta’ say it people – food is sacred and its purpose is to nourish your body so that you have the energy to live your amazing purposeful life.

So many people find this practice to be filled with resistance, and a hard one to master. And it is. Creating the space in our lives to live consciously takes a lot of dedication, and will to ‘stay awake at the wheel’. The way we eat our food is a perfect metaphor to the way we live our lives. Do you take the time to connect with your food? To pick the finest ingredients, and to know where that once living creature existed? Do you take the time to thank your food for its nourishment? Do you take the time to taste and to enjoy? Bringing consciousness to food is a small step in the process of brining consciousness to your life. I read a quote today that propelled me into the writing of this blog:

Living less out of habit and more out of intent, means that we no longer choose to float through the habitual patterns of our day. It means that we stop and we think and feel into each and every choice we make. How is this choice impacting my health? How is this choice impacting my tribe and my world? Would my future self be proud of this choice?

Today I bring about the topic of cultivating conscious living. It is not an easy task, nor will we perfect it instantly. Conscious living is a work in progress and as a human being we wave in and out of consciousness. Our job is to connect with our moments, and truly absorb what life s giving to us. Next time you bite into an apple I want you to stop and notice the flavour, I want you to think for a small moment about where this apple came from, where it will go when you toss the core away, and I want you to experience and feel a deep sense of gratitude knowing that this universe is providing you with everything you need.

Now, that’s a wild thing to think about!