hello resiliency, i see you in there

What I know to be undeniably true about the human spirit is it’s damn resiliency.

As Brene Brown gracefully puts it, “children are wired for struggle”.

We are almost made to crack, break and shatter open and somehow, in some way there is some sort of grace that helps us pick up our pieces and try again. We do not need fixing or saving -- we have everything it take inside of our own being to thrive and transcend the darkness. We are capable in our own lives of shining so bright it's nearly blinding!

I was recently reading a story in ‘A portrait of our world, HUMAN’ by: Yann Arthus-Bertrand on a man who went to jail for killing a woman and her daughter, he had a life sentence. Somehow out of the grace of forgiveness, or love or who knows WHAT the Mother/Grandmother of the woman and child who were killed wrote the murderer a letter each week while he was incarcerated. Perhaps she wanted to stop the cycle of hatred? Perhaps forgiveness was a life value of her’s - who knows, the point is that she offered a space for this man to feel loved. She said “the most important thing is that we get up each day and keep going”.

The world has suffered since the beginning of time. Somehow we seem to make it. I can not even comprehend this.

My gratitude runs so deep for those humans who try again.

From addictions to abuse to broken hearts to rape and war - we survive. From pregnancy and birthing… I know the divine female body is meant to birth -- but comon, it's a baby coming out of the smallest opening -- its resiliency at its finest. We suffer loss, trauma and betrayal -- and we survive.  We break bones and they heal. We fall into addiction and attempt suicide and some of us fucking survive -- and some go on to thrive, inspire and create change and evolution in the world.

Can we not look at this and see that we are not in fact broken?

We are already perfect, whole and wonderful.

Can we not stop for a sheer moment in time to celebrate the damn resiliency of the human spirit and soul?

A short post today. My hope is to encourage you to stop -- for one tiny minute -- and thank your beating heart for beating, thank your resilient soul for shining and thank all of those that have come before and endured the unendurable in the name of fucking showing up.

That's all it's all about. Just getting up each day to face the music and march forward.