I hold space

My job as a human being has always been simply to hold space for humans to show up and be human. Your darkness has never scared me. Although I would be lying if I told you I didn't want to hug you when i see you struggle; when I see you cry.  

I would by lying if I told you that I sometimes I secretly wish with all of my mite that I could bare your pain for you, because my heart literally breaks right along side yours. 

But here is what I know to be true:

No one can carry you to wellness.

No one can feel your hurts the way you can. 

No one knows what it is like to dwell in your brain, and your soul. 

No one will save you.

But here is the bigger thing I know to be true:

Inside of you exists a light so bright, so wise, so unconditionally loving that it will shine on all the darkness in your life, and one foot in front of the other YOU will be able to bare your own story. You are the only one equipped with all of the answers you need to overcome all of the shit storms in your life. 

I see that light in you; and my job as a cousin, friend, coach, sister is to SEE you, all of you. I know your hurting, but I also know you (and only you) can grow from that pain and turn it to healing. I see that capability in you.

I will always be here to listen to the hardest things, the worst and ugliest truths, and the most painful depths of your darkest corners. But in the space I hold for you to show up and be as human as human can be.... please remember this:

I still see your light. I still see your worthiness. i know you are far more capable and beautiful than you could ever imagine. 

So yes -- come to me, and you will be sure to walk away feeling deeply seen -- just where you are at.