{INDULGE} in the ritual of self-care

I’ve known Kori for about 2 years now, although it feels like a lifetime, and from day 1 she has been one of my biggest supporters. She truly sees what it is I want to do in this lifetime and pushes me to show up and do it at every step. It’s amazing what happens when we get out of each other’s way, set aside the competition we’ve been programmed to feel, and support each other.

Incredible things happen!

Kori and I truly believe in the power of sisterhood, and that we are here to celebrate what it means to be divinely feminine. To be feminine means so many wonderful things.

It means to be strong, brave, soft, beautiful, loving, caring, compassionate and rebelliously selfish.

Rebelliously selfish women are free and wild.

They say “no”, they receive pleasure and they know that they are worthy, because the thing is, we are all worthy. Just as we are right now, without any compromise.

Knowing that we are worthy allows us to care deeply for ourselves. So I want you to indulge in the ritual of selfcare with these goddess bath salts. I’m so excited to host Goddess Night In with Kori and know that we will leave better, stronger and more connected than we came.

{goddess bath salts}

 2 tbsp Epsom salt

 1 tbsp sea salt

 1 tbsp calendula macerated oil

2 drops sweet orange essential oil

5 drops lavender essential oil

9 drops rosewood essential oil

1 tbsp dried calendula

Dried lavender to make it look beautiful



Mix salt and calendula together

Add to a glass container or ziplock bag

Add macerated oil and essential oils, shake to mix thoroughly

“Garnish” with dried lavender

Light some candles, grab a glass of wine or a cup of tea, and soak.

You’re a goddess!


written by: Kelsey Schiavon, C.H.N

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