{MEDICINE} woman

sometimes I wish I was born in the depths of the amazon forests to a family of shamans, so that my inevitable path would be a medicine woman

plant medicine fascinates me; i have a deep reverence for the healing energies that mother earth provides for us

if not a medicine woman in the depts of the amazon, i day dream about coming from a long list of green witches - the kind that were known to hunt mushrooms and herbal plants and whip up tinctures and poultice's and healing remedies

often when i pray, or get really connected to self, i could swear my heart belongs to the 1st nations people, i could swear every belief i have is rooted in the original reverence for our beautiful earth and the creator

im fascinated with the ancestors of the world - they had such magical beliefs, they had such a deep respect for our planet. they knew how to live off of the land; to find wild yeast to ferment their own potent brews; to find specific plants for specific health aliments; to hunt and preserve foods; not to waste - they took what they needed and they left the rest. they worked with our earth, not against her

and then i remember why i am here in the forest:

to connect to, and remember the healing ways of the earth, the healing ways of our ancestors

it can be so dark here; i am missing the convinces of home - P&S coffee, wine with girls friends, driving my car, having phone reception or a real toilet, not waking up to pouring rain and THREE giant spiders in the house (they can't help it, its pouring rain - we all want shelter)

i miss the business. the choas of the city that distracts a person from facing themselves

i think that is the biggest thing i am truly missing, is the ability to ignore self - just get busy, hang out with people, go to busy jobs - never truly stopping in solitude for long enough to sence the need for evolution, the discomfort that lays under the surface. here in thr forest you can not run from yourself. every day, every moment you are faced with you. and that can be hard. that's pretty raw, pretty real.

the forest, the isolation, the plants - its actually everything i want.

it is medicine.

i am a healer dwelling in the woods. i do whip of tinctures, and fermentations and mead. i sit with the trees, i talk to them, and i listen deeply for answers. i worship all living things including the rocks and the fallen debris. I know the forest knows we are here, I know there is a divine and complex language to learn out here. i have a deep yearning to learn, to heal, to be a part of this mystery

so, i guess i didn't need to be born in the amazon. i already am en route to the journey of healing, its just going to take time