november journal, entry {ten}

I don't know about this world -- I never really have. I've never wanted children because I fear what the world is becoming. And simultaneously the amount of belief I have in the humans and in the earth and in love is literally astronomical.

I would dedicate every breath I take to the healing of the world if I could -- I care so much it hurts.

Yesterday I was so upset at myself for the rose coloured glasses I wear -- for the hope I have in humanity. Yesterday I felt so fucking betrayed. I felt like a fool for believing -- part of me said "I told ya so Kori. Build the off grid home and pack up and save yourself. Fuck the world."

But here is the truth, the vulnerable truth of how I feel...

I really believe in the humans, I do. I believe in love and I believe in our capability to heal each other and the planet.

Yes it is a damn mess. And yes there is intense amounts of work to be done, but I know we are rising and I know love will win.

Our job starts in the seat of our own hearts -- are we extending self kindness? Are we nourishing our bodies and our relationships? Are we letting go and working on forgiveness? Are we setting boundaries and say NO? Are we choosing what is good for our spirit? Are we standing up for what we believe with our voices? Are we creating and leaning in on our tribe? Are we doing our own work? Or are we falling prey to the same old bullshit excesses... "No time, no friends, crave wine and sugar, don't know how, it's too big, I'm too scared, I'm not worthy" bla bla bla

Enough is enough. We have no more damn time to twiddle our thumbs while the world falls to shreds.

If we want to fix the war of the world, our first step is to heal the war within our own hearts -- that is the immediate work -- the right fucking NOW work... So look in the mirror -- now -- and get real with yourself. Stop lying to yourself. Stop numbing, running, hiding, skipping your workouts, avoiding speaking your truth -- now is the time my sisters and brothers.

Get busy doing your damn work. We will save the world by mending our hearts -- that is step one and something you have one thousand percent control over right in this very moment.

This is OUR job. No one is coming to save us.