november journal, entry {seven}

Tonight I am struggling to string words and thoughts together...

Tonight I just want to pray. Tonight is a big night in American politics -- choices that will effect the world. Tonight I pray. 

I watch the hunger for money override our ability to remain compassionate and open hearted. I witness our brothers and sisters of Standing Rock being put into an unfair position where they have to fight for the rights to their own land, their water and the burial site of their own ancestors -- for what? What is a good enough reason to put our fellow human beings and our earth is such a compromising situation? I watch greed steal our capacity to give unconditionally. I watch Mother Earth be pushed to her max and I watch the bees die and the humans eat poisonous foods daily. I watch obesity, diabetes and food addiction spread like wild-fire all the while depression and self hatred explode affecting the masses like a deadly and contagious virus. I see body image and beauty distortion as we compare ourselves to the one unattainable model of air brushed digitally enhanced beauty and we are left self-hating, self-loathing and feeling worthless. I watch humans freeze in fear at the thought of feeling the capacity of their human emotions and run at all cost to numb out, deny, suppress and ignore -- after all, we have been taught that happiness is to be attained and sadness should be avoided at whatever cost. We have learned to hate half of what makes us beautiful.  I see our animals being abused and the rights of women being suppressed and neglected. I see the divine masculine dying and the divine feminine withering as we aimless follow the sheep in front of us in the hunt for the almighty... what? I see friends being attacked by homophobes who have small and closed minds and believe that love is only love if it looks one way. I see the world look through a lens of hatred and racism and bullying. I see humans preach that God is unconditional but only if we all believe in the same God. Infertility is rising, happiness is declining, contentment seems non existent and human connection -- the ability to eye gaze and connect on a soul level -- has been replaced by likes and follows on social media. 

Something needs to change. 

So tonight I am using my blog and my journal as a platform for prayer and I hope that you will add a prayer in the comments -- one word or many; if that feels weird then I pray that for one moment you close your eyes and send a prayer to our world, our people and our Earth. 

I pray for Kindness. 

I pray that the world opens it's hearts and we learnt to be tender, soft and vulnerable. 

I pray for healing of wounds that are so ancient they run deeply into our cellular memories -- I pray that we can nurse one another to health. 

I pray that we begin to recognize -- as a whole -- that love comes in a million different shapes and varieties and sizes and colours and sexual orientations and genders. Love is fucking Love -- the end. I pray that we can open our eyes to see that just like there are many paths to radiant health as unique as the human pursuing it, so too are there many paths to many gods. 

I pray for a world like the one I have experienced at Burning Man -- a world where we can wear what we want, hug who we want, express self as we want. A world where we share our grief and our stories and our love and hugs and clothes and food. A world where we dance until the sun comes up and we celebrate our differences. A world where a hug is worth more than the sum of all of the money; a world where we are equal, where we are kind, where we listen and respect and support and laugh, cry, hold one another and dance the fucking night away -- together. 

I pray for love. 

I believe Love Wins. I believe love will always be the answer. 

I pray for the humans to speak up and stand up ... for love; for each other; for community; for wellness; for connection; for tribe and friendship... for equality and human rights for fuck sakes. I pray that we begin to see that our actions ripple and affect the whole, I pray we begin to embrace the fact that Earth is our Mother and we need her.

I pray for wellness -- for our bodies, our earth, our hearts, our minds and our wounds.

I pray we learn to let go and create space for connection to each other -- as a big ol' human family.

That's what  pray for tonight -- equality, love, respect and kindness -- becasue with kindness we can do anything.

What do you pray for?

I love you.