{ PERFECTION } forget about it

What does it mean to be a Goddess? What does it mean to harbor the powerful feminine energy? If you were to ask me, my answer is simple – to be a Goddess means to cultivate Self-Love.  Which naturally brings me to the next question; what is Self-Love? My answer to this is also simple. Self-Love is compassionate, all encompassing acceptance for where and who you are, right now, in this very moment. Self-Love is nourishment; nourishment of mind, the body, the soul, and the great Mother Earth.

2 weeks ago I rounded up a few Goddesses to partake in a cleanse and 30 day Tabata challenge that I designed. It was a way to keep us connected, and a fun challenge. Little did I know that Shane would propose to me the next day (wine was obviously not part of our cleanse) and as the past 2 weeks went on, I found myself drinking wine with my brother who was visiting, and in celebration with family for our life event. Truth be told, I felt like a fraud. I felt like I was totally failing at this cleanse. I was not in a self-loving place, as I brutally internally beat myself up for sucking at this challenge. I was still following every single other aspect (and this cleanse is not an easy one), but the ego side of my mind wanted to focus on how shitty I am – as a person. It doesn’t help that I am currently in an upheaval of my life, and finding my footing has been nothing short of an evolutionary challenge. Of course with this dark negative self talk I had going on, it was leaking into everything else I am doing and suddenly I found myself feeling totally uprooted, and totally out of love with who I am. All over a cleanse. This has to stop.  We have to stop the internal war on our bodies and souls.

I read a really good article titled “Seriously, let’s end the war with our bodies”, and it got me really thinking. Over a small glitch in an ultimately unimportant self-made cleanse (who’s true objective was to keep me and my amazing bootcampers in contact) I had quickly fallen into a self-hatred battle with my inner Goddess. If this is happening to me, I know it’s happening to others. I took it upon myself to call a spade a spade, and I emailed the women I'm leading in this cleanse, and I told them how it was, I told the authentic Self-Accepting truth. And guess what? We bonded! We shared stories. I was not the only one who wasn't perfect, and not the only one who had unnecessarily beat myself up over it. In being authentic we all evolved and learned another layer of what Self-Love means. 

A goal weight will not bring us happiness, and I am here to tell you right now - that the size and shape of your body is BEAUTIFUL, no matter what the useless scale tells you. Stop holding your worth to your un-healthy body image. Love your Goddess Body, marvel in its miracle! Happiness is not something to be attained tomorrow; it is something that is in reach now. Self-Love takes dedicated practice. And I believe the very 1st step to Self-Love, is to cultivate Self-Acceptance. That is what the ultimate feminine does – she compassionately and unconditionally accepts. Would you ever talk to someone else the way your inner self be-little’s you? Hell No! If your best friend was struggling at a goal, would you tell her that she is a good-for-nothing-pile-of-shit? Hell no. You would show compassion, love and acceptance. And seriously ladies, we have got to be sure that something like number on the scale or a slip up on a cleanse does not derail our self worth, that is NOT worth it.

When I posted the 1st paragraph of this blog post on FB, one of my good friends, Marg responded and her words gave me chills, have a read:

“Marriage Williamson explains it well: It's to be an "empty vessel" for universal love. The universe is often described as "masculine" in that it pours its love into humanity. To be able to receive that love is a feminizing process.. Even for men. But woman, when we are in our goddess energy, are especially good at holding this love and then pouring it into the world. So how do we become the vessel? We need to empty ourselves by being in the moment completely, surrendering to it, and letting ourselves be filled. And sometimes that filling is self care, it's so important”

 .... this is spoken like a true Goddess. I adore this advise.

As a divine and feminine Goddess, our job is not only to cultivate our own inner Self-Love, but to fill our vessel up so completely that we are a light for others, that we inspire others, and thus our own Self-Love contributes to the cultivation of the worlds Self-Love.

You see, sweet pea – your cultivation of Self-Love, makes a profound impact on more than just you. You become a leader when you learn to step into your magnificence – flaws and all. Your Self-Love changes things, it changes big things!

So I ask you, what does it mean to you to cultivate Self-Care? Do you feel you have Self-Love? Do you love yourself mess and all? What will it take for your to surrender to life and open that big beautiful heart of yours?