the {golden} fork

the golden fork
the fancy dress

the expensive bottle of wine

things we save for the "special occasions"

what the fuck are you waiting for? 

a special what? 

today your heart is beating, your lungs are breathing and your cells divide without your conscious effort

waiting for tomorrow to start the project, quit the job or invest in the course, retreat, vacation or funky festival that calls your name is a waste of your living days

the relationship that stifles your voice and no longer serves you -- leave it

the book you have desired for all your days to write -- pick up your pen and write it, damnit

the special dinner wear -- the fine china and crystal wine glasses ... 

stop waiting to celebrate living -- Use them: pull them out each night and use them

for god sakes use them for eggs and toast in the morning, just fucking use them!! 


stop waiting

your life is passing you buy while your golden fork collects dust, unused

some people do not get a tomorrow, period

don't waste your golden fork, for life is begging you to live it