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Sugar Cravings.  

Bread Cravings.  

Wine Cravings. 

Weight Gain. Stress. Thyroid Imbalance. Adrenal Fatigue.

Insomnia. Low grade anxiety. 

Mood Swings. 


** Fast food ** Fast Living ** Fast Pace **

**Quick Meals ** Skipping Meals ** Fad Diets **

**Conflicting Information ** Restriction ** On again/off again**

 Lonely.  No sisterhood.  No support. 




... sick of hustling for peoples approval




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We're busy.

We’re perfectionists; high-achievers; over-achievers.

We are super-charged caregivers,

and we are running on empty.

We have undercharged batteries, too much on our plates, and we are s l o w l y shutting down.

We have multiple roles, wear many hats, and while a certain amount of ‘high-standards serve us well, overload is often overlooked, and we find ourselves drowning in the sea of our own lives,

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A nine-week tele-course, for women only, to nurture and promote: 

 Personal Empowerment

 Body Nourishment (diet; exercise; sleep; stress management)

Cultivation Self-Care Tools


Sisterhood Building

All calls are recorded so that: 

Women, all over the globe, can attend (no matter what the time-zone)

each woman can create the time to listen (and replay) based on her own schedule.

Weekly sessions are ninety-minutes and are accompanied by detailed handouts which are emailed to each woman, and customized to include easy-to-craft recipes designed by Kori Leigh, Women's Empowerment Coach + Foodie + Author.

As well as content, challenges, homework, accountability, and handouts, all women in 


are part of an exclusive online women's only group facilitated by Kori Leigh.

Our online community is where much of the magic and growth happens as this is your place to share, support, story-tell, receive coaching, and - most importantly - to build sisterhood. 


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Nine, ninety-minute LIVE tele-course conference calls; all recorded to listen at your convince

Weekly meditation and body check in; you’ll learn to listen to your body like you never have before

Access to a private, women's only Facebook group for tribe building and to deepen sisterhood connections

Weekly handouts covering all topics discussed on call

Weekly homework, challenges, and accountability

Access to Kori Leigh  for added support + accountability for the duration of the nine-week course 

Each call begins with a meditation and ends with homework and action steps and includes, weekly customized (easy to prepare) recipes, and a weekly Elixir Recipe 

Unlimited accountability and support

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NEW YEAR RITUAL COURSE: January 9, 2018 - March 6, 2018

SPRING RITUAL COURSE: May 1, 2018 - June 26, 2018

AUTUMN RITUAL COURSE: September 11, 2018 - November 6, 2018

Tuesday: 6:00-7:30pm Mountain Time

ALL calls are recorded for repeat listens, or for those who are unavailable due to schedules and time zones.

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$311.00 Canadian

50% off/additional course for returning {a course in the ritual of self-care} members

Sound like your jam?  Email me with any questions or to enroll.

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Thank you for being here, I'm Kori Leigh, I am a Holistic Lifecoach + Foodie + Author.

I love what I do, although the route I took to get firm-footing on the path of healing ‘me’, had a few detours and terrifying hairpin turns. But it led me to a wider road, with a spectacular panoramic view of Mother Earth, and provided me the opportunity to heal others.

Once upon a time I raged war with my body, suffering from intense body image distortion—food was my enemy. Turned out, I had no idea what complete nourishment was about, even though my education was in nutrition.

I spent many moons of my teenage and adult life hating who I was: I loathed my mind and my body. Volatile mood swings were a normal part of my life; I lived in a state of imbalance, often filled with rage. I suffered insomnia. I had indigestion and painful stomachaches most days. 

At age 27 I entered into the darkest period ever. I wanted to die. I despised my reality. I had no idea how to care for myself. I couldn’t cope. Catapulted into a deep place of depression that lasted for the better part of three years, I had a choice … live or die.

It is not an exaggeration to say that my dedication to Self-Care saved my life.

I learned:

- that there is divinity in our darkest hours 

- if we want to make change in the world we simply must place self FIRST

- the rituals of self-care are a non-negotiable in my life, for they keep me sane, grounded, and connected 

- boundaries and saying NO is the most loving thing we can do for self

- women NEED women; we need tribe

- I am worthy regardless of which part of myself shows up (my shiny fun self or my dark shadow self)

- I learned to fall in love with self; I learned the power of self-care 

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It is my mission to show all women how to courageously connect to the LOVE of self.

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During my journey, I also discovered that I was suffering from a plethora of food allergies (gluten, dairy, eggs), which manifested as mood swings, insomnia, depression, food cravings, and toxic hunger.

Did you know that such symptoms and conditions can be the effect of a food allergen? 

Addressing emotions and food allergens equated to a balanced Kori; a woman who learned to love to craft foods and worship Mother Earth. This journey has connected me to my deepest self and nothing in the world feels better than SELF CONNECTION.

Through my own descent into darkness, my life lessons in surrender and self-care, combined with my education and background in coaching

thousands of clients, one-on-one, and in groups, that I birthed                                            


A course designed for women to know all that I know, because wellness inspiration should be accessible and, having a tribe to share the journey with makes it easier. 

I am at the service of the women of the world; may we discover inner wellness and learn to be kind to ourselves.

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Overwhelmed in the department of diet and food choice? 

Struggling to find balance?

At war with your body. Powerless in seeing your unique beauty?

Unable to say NO and assert strong boundaries?

Unsure what the heck your boundaries are?

BUSY... sometimes just for the hell of it?

Without female tribe?

Low libido?

Inability to lose weight?


Unsure how to Self-Care?

Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at 12.28.57 PM.png

Radient Wellness?


That You Have Time for SELF?

energized; fulfilled; healthy; fit; strong; in control; 

like you are a part of something bigger? 

Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at 12.30.56 PM.png

- are ready to re-evaluate her relationship with food and with self.

- is ready to start saying NO to the demands of life, and YES to herself.

- desires energy; she is sick and tired of being sick and tired.

- is ready to look in the mirror and do her work.

- is ready to take personal responisibility.

- is ready to dedicate her ‘self’ to SELF.


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Radical Self Acceptance 

Finding "divinity in darkness"

Cultivating mindful living



Nutrition Basics from a Holistic Perspective ~ taking the guessing game and complication out of food choices

Effects of the Standard American Diet ~ this is why we are sick, fat, and suffering 

Ending the WILLPOWER battle with food 

Body Talk: what are cravings, emotions, and symptoms really telling you?

Minding the Gap: learning to slow down and honour your body


Cultivating an Awareness of the Personal Self Garden: what can I weed out of my life (energy leaks and detoxification), and what needs to be planted?

Digestion 101: the true cost (and symptoms) of indigestion

Label Reading 

Bowel Movements; what does a healthy poop look like and why is it important?

The art of saying NO; let's talk boundaries 


Rewrite your food story and belief systems which you hold in regard to food, diet  and body health/image

Setting your day up for success using ritual

All things breakfast ~ how to craft one, why it is important, the pros and cons, and the effects 

Blood sugar, Carbohydrates, and Meal Planning 


Surrender is not "giving up", learn the art of powerful surrender 

Honouring the Shadow 

Navigating the Seas of Loneliness

Learning to LET GO: detox 101

Intuitive Eating vs. Toxic Cravings and Insatiable Hunger 

Liver Love

The Mind-Body Connection; yes, our bodies speak the soul via symptoms


Meet Your Inner Warrior

Practice Removing the Masks and Armour: learning to honour the real you

Rekindling a Relationship with Food 

FAT 101: (one of my personal FAVE topics) why we need it and why it's not a villain

Cultivate Sleep Practice and Night Ritual   


GUTS N' GLORY (my personal favourite wellness topic) 

All things Gut Health: the role of the gut; the brain-gut connection; allergies; how to aid your gut to wellness; foods to avoid and include; signs and symptoms of gut imbalance 


All things Vagina and Sexual Organ Wellness

(female anatomy, orgasms, masturbation, foods for sexual health, birth control, moon cycles, menses, tampons, lubes, and more!) 


The Feisty Topics:

GMO’s; to eat or not to eat meat?

Organic vs. Non-organic

The Reality of Our BEE POPULATION:  why it matters and what you can do today? 

Cultivating a Holistic House

 Please note: the order and (some) content of these calls is subject to change~evolve~to make it as personalized as possible based onthe dynamics of the women who attend the tele-course.

"I was so ready for this rituals workshop, and you knew what I needed, Kori. There is so much more love inside me, for me. More than I ever knew. I will probably marry myself."

- Marie, Mexico

"The Course in the Ritual of Self-Care came in to my life not a moment too soon! I was stagnant spiritually and both my mental and physical bodies were in such a state of dis-ease. I wasn't sure what my soul needed and  I didn't know how to help heal my heart. AND then quietly I stumbled across Kori through a friend, and it was then that I knew I was meant to take this course. I had no idea how life -changing, heart -opening and soul-baring this course would be. It is raw, uncomfortable, and tough. But through all of this self- love and energy work, you have your TRIBE. Holding your hand, walking you through and helping you up. As Kori teaches: amazing things happen when women gather! If you have stumbled across this course, believe it has come at just the right time. Kori and my tribe have undoubtedly changed my life. I am forever grateful to Kori for her incredible soul's work and guidance. Namaste."  

-- Stephanie O'Grady, Calgary 

"I have so enjoyed Kori's course on the ritual of self-care. The calls are always informative and I really appreciate they are recorded. You can go back and re-listen whenever you would like and it also allows you to take the course at your own pace. Life is busy and hard and this was such a bright spot in my week! All of the nutritional/health information is top-notch and scientifically backed. I really enjoyed having the weekly homework to help incorporate the information into my life. It really helped lessen how overwhelmed I usually feel when it comes to such subjects. One of the best parts is the private Facebook group. You can be honest, open and vulnerable with a group of women who are all looking for the same thing: self-love and tribe. I've never been so honest with a group of women in my life. It is so wonderful finding a group of like-minded Non-judgmental women. Kori has a knack for bringing people together. 

So if you're looking for information, self-love, and tribe...I think you should give this course a shot! It's wonderful and it's made a huge impact on my life…and I think it can for you too

Much love"  -- Sarah, Red Deer, Alberta

"Remember to just sit in it. Be there. Nothing at this moment has to be fixed, just lean into it. Allow yourself to feel the feelings you are having without self-judgement; just a snippet of the invaluable lessons I’ve learned from Kori.

I would run from my feelings. I would hide from them. I lived by the idea that feelings are a sign of weakness, and therefore I was hard as stone. But then one morning, I woke up on beautiful tropical vacation and everything felt very very wrong. I ignored my usual response to just shut it all up and push it aside, and I reached out to Kori. Since then, the last 9 months have literally been a rebirth of myself. Kori’s one-on-one coaching, tele-course on self-care and self-care retreat have all guided me into this new awareness of myself. Each meeting was opening up a different and raw part of my soul at just the right time. Kori really does show up for you. You can feel it when you are talking with her that she is present for you. Her dedication to her practice inspires me everyday to focus on showing up and being present for myself, my feelings, my worth; and in turn for those around me as well. 

I have a lot more work to do and so thankful I know Kori will be there to guide me. I am forever grateful."

- Caitlin, Calgary

"It has been about two weeks now in the course, and wow. I would be lying if I said I was expecting such a presence from all of the amazing women in our course. I knew coming into this course that there would be ups and downs, challenges and some battles within myself, but I didn't expect to gain so much more clarity. I think I have surrendered myself to do this with everything I have, and what Kori has taught me so far has been amazing. I find myself making such better choices, and having a lot more peace within myself. To allow myself to make those better choices slowly and to not set myself up to fail by overwhelming myself. It feels like I am finally on the path to long term success and self love. She has helped me learn that I need to love myself now and know that I am worth it, so as I get healthier, it won't be on the condition that I only love myself when I'm like "this". I am excited, anxious and comforted by this journey and I can't wait to keep going and learning from this amazing healing woman. "

- Jade, Edmonton Alberta

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