my coaching (+life) philosophy .

My entire focus in life is cleaning the slate, facing the self, and healing.

My focus revolves around tending to the garden of my heart - noticing the energies + emotions that are stingy and painful + exploring them/owning my part/cleaning them; checking in on boundaries + having brave conversations; honoring my physical self - exercise, water, food; nourishing spirit via prayer + meditation.

I spent eons burying my pain; I can run, I can hide, I can fucking numb out but eventually I came to a stark understanding that the only thing I was running from was self, and further more, wherever I go … there i am.

And so I learned to surrender. I learned the value of getting brave + facing myself, of doing the nitty gritty work to heal my soul instead of running the hell away from all the glorious pain that clawed away at my whole being. 

This is the process that has granted (+ continues to ) me freedom from self.

Today I know how to sit through it, I know how to forgive, I know how to own my part, I know how to voice my needs and stand up for myself, I know how to actually care about other human beings - because this self first philosophy has enabled me to care deeper about others. 

This is the work I work on daily for self. 

This is the work I work on daily with the humans of the world.

My coaching practice isn’t about raw-raw positivity, future-tripping, vision-boarding + great plans for success in life (although this is often where it leads);

my coaching practice is about healing,

it’s about facing the self,

it’s about uncovering the pain, cleaning up the wreckage of the past and ultimately making peace with self.

This is the real work, the nitty-gritty, the deep stuff that changes us on the very deepest levels. 

Coaching with me changes the very way we interact with the world and the fundamental ways we view self.

And in turn,

we speak with fierce self love, we uphold boundaries, we know how to grieve, to name | feel | process emotions, we become of service, we fall deeper into alignment with purpose, we cease the war with self.

work with me .

Ok, so this work sounds like your jam?

You are sick of the war with self, with mind, with body? Ready to face the deepest darkest crannies of your soul, feel the grief that so badly needs to be felt, learn to let go of the bubbling rage inside, to cease escaping via unhealthy vices?

You are ready to dig deep,

face self,

get fucking real + take responsibility for you life?

Let’s do it.


logistics .

calls are done weekly or bi-weekly + are an hour long

all calls are done on skype | phone | FB messenger

clients have unlimited access to me between coaching calls via email for extra support + accountability

there will be homework


the coaching options :

deep dive session .

At a loss as to what to do? Feeling disempowered & deflated?

You will be amazed with what an hour of coaching can do for your sense of clarity.



six week deep dive .

Let's dive deeper over a six week period to discover some self-care rituals that apply just for you. 

This process has potential to change your life. 


here’s how it works :

{one}: fill out the application form below—once I receive it, I will review it, and if it feels that we are a good fit we move to step two. I will contact you, either way, to communicate the result.

{two}: get started! we book you and dive in

application .

(Please take some time to fill in the answers to  these questions out with as much detail as possible—this this is going to give me a glimpse into who you are and what you are all about; it will allow me to assess if we would work well together. This application will only be seen by my eyes—the more honest, the better. be raw! be brave!)

Name *
( What do you do, what do you love, what are you passionate about, what do you dream of?)
(Does how you currently feel match how you desire to feel? Please explain in detail.)
(Tell me about the things/relationships/annoyances/activities/habits/addictions/jobs etc. that are stunting your growth or holding you back from living the life you want to be living.)
(In 6 weeks what would make you think 'fuck YES I'm glad I did this work!'?)
(What are your daily practices (if any) to care for your mind/body/soul?)
(What do you eat and drink? Do you have food addictions? Allergies? Indigestion? Do you have regular bowel movements? Do you feel knowledgeable in nutrition? Be honest here, don't worry, I have seen it ALL and never have I judged.)
(please explain)
(What specifically drew you into working with me?)
(Paint me a detailed picture of your ideal life... the more detail the better, this is a chance to get your creative juices flowing - dream here.)

THANK YOU for your honesty and for trusting me; it is never easy to be raw -- i honour your courage.

we will connect so soon.

** I only work with a select handful of people at a time to keep the quality of my art and coaching hours as high and attentive as possible. I also raise my life-coaching rates every 2-3 months to keep up with demand**