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The process I work with is simple: surrender into the moment, lean-in to your life to find the nourishment your human self requires. The process of wellness is a journey of true self-discovery through the ritual of 'self-dating'.

As a coach I hold space for humans to show up, bare it all, and get to the work of self-compassion, self-acceptance, and self-care.

I help humans get through the tough shit by learning to find the divinity in darkness, the power of slowing down, and the nourishment found from 'minding the gap' and 'slow living'. 

At the end of the day, radiant wellness requires us to self-know better than we know anyone or anything, it requires us to learn to say NO, to place self as priority, and to continually (no matter what) keep showing up—for self. 

The journey into the inner-world of self requires diligent presence and hard work; I am selective of those with whom I work; the ones who are willing to bravely show up—again and again—with authenticity, and with a conscious and conscientious will to work hard on self. 

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I'll warn you this is not an easy journey.

It is not for the faint of heart.

I will not step over the uncomfortable moments of the now to dream and distract about the 'what if'.

My promise to you as your coach is to see you where you are—to love you where you are.

I promise to hold space for you to fall-in-love with your intricate bits and pieces.

There is no trophy for this work, and it is not a race.

For you major-type-a-goal-setting-perfectionistic-driven humans (yes, this might be good work for you!) but you may not love each moment of it. However, if you work hard the rewards of self-knowing and self-care are as vast as the midnight starry sky - I promise.

This practice saved my life & if you dig deep, it has great potential for your life too. 

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what we may talk about:

* first and foremost, it is a space for you - and only you - to dive into the seat of your own beating heart

* self as a {priority}

* finding divinity in darkness

* the power of surrender

* boundaries

* learning to say NO

* the difference between HELL YEAH and FUCK NO  

* rituals -- so many rituals around self-care

* stepping into the power of feminine energies

* honing in the masculine energies

* vagina love

* leaning IN, sitting WITH the discomfort (rather than suppressing, numbing, avoiding, distracting... you get the idea.) 

* shame, saboteur, ego

* self-love, dreams + goals

* spiritual practice & beliefs

* FOOD... we will always talk about food


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* calls take place over skype | fb video | phone + they are forty-five minutes - one hour long

* growth, evolution,  and  learning happen between calls, therefore, I will assign homework and, of course, hold you accountable to the commitments you make

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At a loss as to what to do? Feeling disempowered & deflated?

You will be amazed with what an hour of coaching & bodywork can do for your sense of clarity.


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Let's dive deeper over a six week period to discover some self-care rituals that apply just for you. 

This process has potential to change your life. 


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{one}: fill out the application form below—once I receive it, I will review it, and if it feels that we are a good fit we move to step two. I will contact you, either way, to communicate the result.

{two}: we schedule a thirty-minute phone call to chat and get to know one another—this is to be sure that both of us feel in our hearts that this is resonating and a good match—if it does, and is, we move to step three

{three}: get started! we book you and dive in

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(Please take some time to fill in the answers to  these questions out with as much detail as possible—this this is going to give me a glimpse into who you are and what you are all about; it will allow me to assess if we would work well together. This application will only be seen by my eyes—the more honest, the better. be raw! be brave!)

Name *
( What do you do, what do you love, what are you passionate about, what do you dream of?)
(Does how you currently feel match how you desire to feel? Please explain in detail.)
(Tell me about the things/relationships/annoyances/activities/habits/addictions/jobs etc. that are stunting your growth or holding you back from living the life you want to be living.)
(In 6 weeks what would make you think 'fuck YES I'm glad I did this work!'?)
(What are your daily practices (if any) to care for your mind/body/soul?)
(What do you eat and drink? Do you have food addictions? Allergies? Indigestion? Do you have regular bowel movements? Do you feel knowledgeable in nutrition? Be honest here, don't worry, I have seen it ALL and never have I judged.)
(please explain)
(What specifically drew you into working with me?)
(Paint me a detailed picture of your ideal life... the more detail the better, this is a chance to get your creative juices flowing - dream here.)

THANK YOU for your honesty and for trusting me; it is never easy to be raw -- i honour your courage.

we will connect so soon.

** I only work with a select handful of people at a time to keep the quality of my art and coaching hours as high and attentive as possible. I also raise my life-coaching rates every 2-3 months to keep up with demand**