journal 02. k e t o | d a y 3

So, "keto-flu", it's a real thing and I'm pretty sure I have it. Small writing on labels is blurry and looking like there are 3 of each word, I have what feels like a migraine (although I have never had a migraine) - it hurts to have my eyes open, and my head is pounding. I'm thirsty af. Also, do not cross me right now, my patience is at a whopping ZERO.

On the plus side: I can feel that I am less swollen already, my pants fit better, and I can already see abs again (I know that sounds odd because to most humans I appear rather fit, but I can tell that inflammation is easing.) Likely this is just water retention dropping, but I do feel physically better (although my intention in this is absolutely not weightloss; I am aware that may be a side effect).

Yep, this diet is not for everyone, that's for sure. And I can see how it might be quiet a challenge for some. Yesterday I got alot of messages from people telling me that they got bored on this protocol, or ran out of snack ideas etc.etc.etc.

I have no desire to succumb to any excuses in my mind. I do not feel well, and I am sick of not feeling well. I had eliminated all the hard allergens (gluten, dairy, egg), I eliminated booze, and most recently I said goodbye to PB.... the rest of what I need to eliminate feels like a walk in the park! haha.

It's a personal choice to do the things we do -- I have made this choice because I feel like feeling WELL. A mix of AIP + Keto is intense, and so far I mostly feel like ass. But I'm riding the wave and geeking out hard on the science behind all of this.

I will be begining a blog today on this, so stay tuned.

In the meantime.... make this elixir + fudge by The Castaway Kitchen... its UNREAL!



1 tablespoon cacao 

1 tablespoon of each: MCT + coconut butter 

1.5 cups chaga tea 

Add to blender with a dash of sea salt + stevia; blend until creamy. 

The Vanilla Tahini Fudge, find here.