journal 03. k e t o | d a y 5

Ok! Today seems brighter.

Yesterday I was not ravishingly hungry, which was nice (I am not a calorie counter, but I am in this process - I am consuming 171g of just fat - that's almost 1300 cals!! For me, this is looking like more than 2200 cals/day - with a heavy emphasis on fat, pro and very little carbs) I was able to eat my meals and snacks without counting the minutes until I ate again AND I didn't feel like I was going to vomit it all up - also nice. There is hope. I'm eating more food than ever, it was a strange feeling to still be so hungry.

Day 2 of no coffee has been going surprisingly well. I did another Matcha today. It's a delight.

I am thirsty af, so I made a lemonade yesterday with water | aloe | lemon | stevia + I have been gulping back electrolytes and bone broth and Himalayan salt.

The sound of my dogs barking makes me want to lose my shit these days, it hurts my head and makes me feel rage. Actually, patients, in general, is still not where it was.

Mostly what I am observing in myself is the absolute adoration I have for both food + the human body. Plants are fucking magic; so are the animals we eat. It's such a sacred act to be able to feed the body - so much sacrifice and reverence, it really blows my mind, really keeps me in awe.

I'm liking this.

I was ready for this.

For the 1st time in my life, I am deeply connected to my intentions - this is for health for me, I know my 'why's' and they are so pure and so connected to my wellness.

One of the things that have always been the most important pieces of my spiritual practice in this life is plant medicine. I can not explain to you why or what this practice does for me - it’s so mysterious + deep for me - the relationship I hold with plants is weird, and I love it. 

This keto | AIP | protocol I am doing has been rough - I have never been sicker in my life on a detox - but it’s really got me fully connected back into the whispers of the plants, and the vocals of my divine body. This week has been three-way talk: me to my body, my body back to me, and the foods to my soul + body. 

I’m on day five of keto (& I am in ketosis!) & day 2 of no coffee. No coffee is a miracle. 

This divine drink: matcha | marshmallow root | cordyceps | ashwagandha | XCT oil | coconut butter | water. It’s calming, soothing on the gut, stress adapting and energizing. 


image1 (1).jpeg


1 scoop matcha 

1 tablespoon of each MCT oil + coconut butter 

1/2 teaspoon of each cordyceps | marshmallow root | ashwhanganda 

1-2 cups hot water 

pinch of sea salt + stevia