2 6 w e e k s + 3 d a y s

Perhaps having a baby will lead me to fall into the category of humans who know a greater love because of children, perhaps not.

I am here to say, however that having a baby does not define our ability to fall in full capacity for love. 

There are many humans on this planet that will not bare children for a multitude of personal reasons + that does not impact their ability to love. 

How dare the world project an idea that the humans who do not have children will ‘never know full love’. That is simply not true. 

Sure, for some, a child may have exploded their heart + showed them a level of love that only a child could have taught them, and good for them. 

But not having a child doesn’t mean that there is less capacity for love; 

having a child is not a pre-req for love capacity. 

I have been a women fiercely against the idea of having my own children and I have always been appalled at the number of humans who insist that due to my personal choices, I will never know real love. 

All my life people literally would say that straight to my face - do you know belittling and damaging that is?

Life is not about coloring inside the lines of the story line that society said we ought to live. 

Life is messy, and many of us are handed coloring books with missing pages, deformed images, and no crayons to brighten pictures up. 

Not all of us are walking the same story line - most of us are not. 

Most of us are trying to piece colors together and figure out what to do with the deformed story line we were handed. 

We are trying to heal. 

We are trying to be authentic. 

We are trying to walk our own path to love, and it might look different than yours. 

Some humans don’t want kids, or can’t have kids - let’s not shame the each other for walking our truths. 

Be careful not to assume that your experiences of the life events that shaped your glorious self will be the same for someone else. 

To the humans who are not having children - for whatever reason that my be - you just keep on lovin’ with your big bass ass hearts. 

I see you. 

I value your infinite love capacity.

only love - k