1 7 w e e k s

Acceptance doesn’t mean we have to like it, in fact ‘liking it’ has nothing to do with it.

We can hate it + still find grace;

we can loath it + still find gratitude.

We do not need to pressure the self to wrap uncomfortable human situations in pretty little bows + tell ourselves to “enjoy the ride” because ‘others think we should’.

That’s not real, not authentic, not self-loyal.

There is nothing wrong with you for not liking pieces of your human experience - nothing al all.

We can accept that which we do not like; we can care for the self through the trials and tribulations;

we can remain self-loyal in the face of discomfort + pain.

Pregnancy, for me, is hell.

Its shit.

I talk about it because this is what’s real for me, it’s my true experience.

I don’t have to like it,

or pretend to be in love with it;

I’m not.

I hate it.

(& yes, I am aware that ‘hate’ is a strong word, and I feel fully truthful in the use of this strong word).

Not all human experiences are fun for all humans, and the truth about this one for me : it’s kicking my ass and testing my faith.

I’ve been sick af,

and hormones are making me actually question my sanity.

I’m losing it.


I feel like a bad woman for feeling this way - like something is wrong with me - it’s not how I “should” feel, it’s not how “mothers are”.

And no one talks about the shadow side, and so I feel deeply alone.

If I feel alone, I know so many others are suffering in silence.

This reality is not only my truth, others feel the same!

For all you humans that feel “less than” because you are not emotionally responding “positively” like society says you should ... I see you,

you are not wrong,

or strange,

or weird for how you feel.

The way you feel is right,

it’s right for you.

I’m not ‘less than’ because my experience of growing a human inside of me feels saturated in pain.

And you are not ‘less than’ for experiencing pieces of your life how you feel fit.

We’re all different.

We’re all just trying to human the best we can, and sometimes it’s a treat, and other times it’s shit.

Wherever you are is right.

only love,