m o t h e r s d a y | 2 8 w e e k s + 6 d a y s

Mothers Day 

To all of the humans who are feeling their hearts tugged on this emotionally charged day, 

to the women who are mothers + happy for the gift of it; to the mothers who mother children that are not their own blood; to the teachers; to the women who are struggling to conceive; to the ones who have lost babies to miscarriage + stillborn births; to the women who are suffering in darkness + silence while trying to bare a baby she maybe wanted or, perhaps didn't want; to the alcoholic (and all other forms of addiction) mother who wants nothing more to put down the bottle, but can not; to the women has dreamed with every fiber in her being of becoming a mother, but for whatever reason life had other plans; to the women who are natural, patient, nurturing mothers + to the ones who are pulling out their hair wondering if this was the right choice; to the women suffering in the stank swamps of postpartum + prenatal depression; to the women who chose to terminate a pregnancy; to the humans who wish they could bare a baby but do not have a uterus; to the humans who have lost a mother, or cannot for the life of them make peace with the mother they have; to the humans who grew up without a mother; to the women who are surrogate mothers; to the women who foster children, adopt children, or step parent children; to the mothers who lost a child; to the women who choose not to have children but mother in so many other ways; to all of you, Happy Mothers Day.

Wherever you are, whatever emotion this day stirs up for you - light or dark - I see you, I honor your human journey.

only love, k