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Small changes = big results. Kori's guidance has helped me embrace the idea of slowing down, of paying attention to my body and just stopping to listen. Small dietary changes that I have learned and incorporated into my daily routine from the Ritual of Self Care course has yielded excellent results! I'm feeling refreshed, my clothes are suddenly big and what I've learned has inspired and enabled me to create healthy, balanced meals for myself and my partner that I not only enjoy making, but taste amazing. The support of Kori and the tribe she attracts is motivating, loving and welcoming. Thank you!!! <3

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- Michelle, Vancouver 

" She's like a balm for my inflamed heart.

I had been looking, searching, for someone I could speak with that could help me gain some perspective on my life. A mentor. A guide. I'm an over thinker, which leads to my thinking "Yes. I know..I already thought of that" more times than I could count. I need, wanted, someone who would be able to look at my struggles from a perspective I'd never thought of before. And it took a while. Time silently searching. And then I found her. I read all of her blogs and felt in me a unwinding I hadn't felt in what feels like my entire life. She allows everyone to see her broken heart, previous or recent, and just feels. I have never once felt that she thought herself superior or all knowing. She works everyday on her practice, to become better for herself and her clients. She's honest and open, kind, patient, and oh so empathetic. I don't think i've learned as much about myself in my life as I have in the past 2 months I've been working with Kori. And that's what you're here for. To learn, to make mistakes, to shed your skin and come into the sunlight while still embracing your shadows. To undo all the damage of "I won't belong unless.." I've come to anticipate our weekly meetings; So so much. And I'm a full hearted believer in looking for help, no matter how large or small your circumstances feel sitting inside of you. And if you're here reading this, I hope you can take this as your sign. This is it. She can help open your eyes, help you feel belonging, help you learn to love yourself. She helped me find myself. And I can only hope that you will allow yourself to go on the same journey with her as I did. " 

- Sarah L, Red Deer 

"It will be hard, there will be days that you want to hide, scream, cry. It will take time and it will feel  slow like nothing is changing, nothing is happening but you will do the work. Kori will stand beside you, laugh with you, cry with you, be angry with you and be amazed with you. In time you understand, you change and realize you have to take care of yourself before you can take care of anyone least I did.

Working with Kori was one of the best decisions I have ever made. It is the best gift you can give yourself; to say I am worthy."

- Leanna W, Calgary

" I have to admit that I was somewhat hesitant to contact Kori for my coach. She was younger then I am and also so beautiful, I felt that it would not be a good match. Yet her perception about loving and embracing darkness called out to something inside of me. I am so glad I reached out to her, I know that I made the right choice! She is right there in the trenches with you, her insight is ageless. Her canny way of tuning into what is going on, reading between the words and seeing deep into the soul constantly amazes me. I have grown so much over the last few months and I continue to amaze myself. Her support goes beyond the hour coach calls. This has been the best choice I have made in a long time. I really can not say enough about Kori's ability to see into who you are and understand where you are coming from no matter your age or emotional or physical state. I was nervous, but after a few minutes it was like she knew me. I wanted to share everything with her because I felt no judgment, only love and acceptance.

Some words that describe Kori: Awesome. Intuitive. Open. Loving. A light. Some people are just that: Lights. "

- Lynette E, New Orleans

"The Course in the Ritual of Self-Care came in to my life not a moment too soon! I was stagnant spiritually and both my mental and physical bodies were in such a state of dis-ease. I wasn't sure what my soul needed and  I didn't know how to help heal my heart. AND then quietly I stumbled across Kori through a friend, and it was then that I knew I was meant to take this course. I had no idea how life -changing, heart -opening and soul-baring this course would be. It is raw, uncomfortable, and tough. But through all of this self- love and energy work, you have your TRIBE. Holding your hand, walking you through and helping you up. As Kori teaches: amazing things happen when women gather! If you have stumbled across this course, believe it has come at just the right time. Kori and my tribe have undoubtedly changed my life. I am forever grateful to Kori for her incredible soul's work and guidance. Namaste."  

-- Stephanie, Calgary 

"People keep asking me, "What have you done?" One neighbour told my husband, "Your wife looks like a movie star." Well, this nine weeks is just the beginning.

This is not vanity, it's about vitality. It's all about inner-beauty.

Here's an example: This morning I had pure honey (from a Monarch Butterfly reserve) and homemade almond mylk, the almond 'slurry' leftover from making the mylk, and hemp seeds. It took me about half an hour to eat a small bowl (months ago I would have eaten four times as much in about four minutes with sugar, purchased almond milk, and would never have tasted a bite. I would have been grateful for the food, and thought about the bees, but thought that all honey is the same.

I would not have had a beef broth simmering in my slow cooker outside (I combined the ingredients last night)...and guess what? None of this 'extra care' took any longer (shorter time, in fact) than food prep from before.

But this is not about rigidity, it's about ritual.

Months ago I would have been sitting here eating the 'old' breakfast while wearing clothes I simply grabbed. Today I am in a bright dress with red lipstick (I'm working on finding ethical brands for makeup)....

Sorry to be so long, but basically, I'm living in an active appreciate whatever the moment mode. And I'm loving me. I used to love everyone else first. Now I love everyone else more than I used to because I love me first.

This morning I stopped and said hello to a tight blossom on my lime tree, the same one I said goodnight to when I went to bed last night. I looked at the bird-shit spattered all over the wall - every day a fresh batch - and everywhere - and yet I loved the birds anyway, I watch them, or they watch me, when they visit the water feature in my garden.

And do I live in paradise? Yes, not because I'm in a lovely home in a tropical location, but because I choose to see the colours and celebrate the contrast (garbage on streets, donkeys and porsches, street dogs and shopping malls). Honour it even. Embrace it in a way that I can write, live, exist to change the world, starting with my own.

I have worked hard this nine weeks and it has been a labour of love.

At this very moment that same water feature I just mentioned my 22 lb cat is balanced on it drinking from the bubbling fountain. Everywhere I turn I am reminded of the wonder of this life. Even in the pain. Especially in the pain. Is my life wondrous? Yes! Do I deal with a chronic (I'm redefining chronic, actually, so I don't want to type that word) condition? Yes. But now I have changed the acronym of EBV to Embrace (my) body's vitality. (rather than Epstein Barr Virus).

The spaces around me are emptying of 'stuff' and filling with breathable, inhalable love. I already thought I was a loving and kind person - and I probably was/am - but this nine weeks (and having Andrea's amazing influence as a prerequisite and continued inspiration) have endeared me to two women to whom I will be forever indebted. Thank you Kori Leigh Hayden and Andrea Thatcher and thank you to all the women, too numerous to mention, who inspire me every day.

If you're toying with taking the 9 week course, simply invest in yourself and go for it. If I had gotten only one tenth of what I had it would still be invaluable. I listened to every call. I went through the workbooks. I didn't overwhelm myself with all the information, rather I chose to immerse myself in it, and without even consciously thinking, changes happened. There's so much to share, but I had better stop typing.

As Kori says: All the love.

Marie, Mexico 

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