Let’s talk about the beet.

I have a tattoo of a beet on my arm; I also chose to use it as a business logo – here’s why:

To me the beet represents {divinity in darkness}.

I believe in darkness in all of its forms, because without the darkness we cannot see the light.

Think about a little tiny beet seed – we dig a hole in the earth and drop a seed into darkness, burry it and wait for a miracle.

The beet has courage to enter the void;

The beet has faith to know her safety when buried alive; she has faith in her fate.

The beet has an intimate relationship with the darkness --- in fact, without the void, without the darkness the beet looses her potential --- the beet actually requires the darkness to hit her full potential --- without it, she is nothing but a dormant seed.

The beet understand that the nourishment for her existence lays in the darkness; her nutrients exist in the void.

The beet does not fight the darkness, she does not distract herself from the darkness, she does not try to avoid the darkness – she simply falls into the void, surrenders, and {slowly} and {courageously} begins her divine purpose --- growth.

The beet’s growth appears invisible.

Her seed sprouts and her roots grow underground – in the void – invisible to the human eye.

She is slow.

She is steady.

She does not need to rush or show off.

She requires nourishment, and water. Her life, as an underground dweller is one of slow, dark, growth.

I respect the message of the beet. I respect her relationship to the darkness. I respect her slow steady nature of growth. I respect that she is not a show-off, she appears invisible until she is fucking ready to show up and be seen, eaten, worshipped and enjoyed. She is a silent warrior, a teacher, a nourish-er.

my sole purpose on this planet is simple: I hold space for humans to show up and simply be human