recovering alcoholic turned multi-6-figure women's mentor, spiritual teacher, content creator, author & boss-ass-working-mom

Hi Queen! I'm Kori.

I am bullshit slaying, truth-telling, take-no-shit, straight-shooting, boundary-savage, self-loving, spiritual as f*ck, mindset + confidence coach.

I am a Manifestor Generator + an Aquarian Sun, Gemini Moon, Virgo Rising.

which means:

I am quirky, bold + audacious.

My vibe ... THE MUSE; drippy, weird + galactic.

I am rebellious by nature, a natural-born leader & my "too-much" is both triggering & activating for every woman that enters my vortex + crosses my path. I am artistically articulate with spoken + written word & I am a master at human emotion.

I am here to play big, rock the boat & dismantle the f*ck out of every which way we, as women hand out power over &, as a result, live small, unfulfilling, martyr'ey lives.

I'm a Certified LifeCoach...

CPCC, certified Holistic Nutritionist, published author & multi-6-figure-business-owner;

the kori leigh collective has reached women in all corners of the world from the USA to Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Israel, England & counting...

I've been in the coaching industry since I was 21 years old -  long before coaching was cool, & started course-creating wayyyy before online-courses were popular (it's much easier to do this work now that the world knows what coaching is lol) & I have worked with a myriad of different types of people, with different types of issues from weight loss, to addiction, hormonal imbalances, gut issues, depression, anxiety, marathon training, business coaching + mentorship & more.

I've worked with men, created mass-level coaching programs for the cooperate oil & gas world in Alberta, got flown around Canada to speak for the Teachers Federation, developed & ran retreats for union workers; I've done private coaching, group coaching, in-person coaching, on-line coaching, phone-coaching; I've taught classes, developed courses, written a book...

& at the end of the day:


is what I'm most aligned with & the path God has laid out before me.

I work with...

self-led, perfectionistic, high-standards women who have come face to face with her imposter syndrome + the limiting beliefs that have held her prisoner, stuck & unfulfilled; together we dig deep, face the internal fear, people-pleasing, perfectionism, weak-sauce boundaries, childhood wounds, the ways she puts everyone else 1st & empower her to fearlessly take control of her life, lead by example, take up space & embody the f*ck out of her "too-much", & make bold-ass-confident-as-f-self-worshiping-moves!

Regardless if you are a woman at your breaking point, rock-bottom, or you're a CEO-7-figure-boss who is playing big... but want to play big, big, bigger…

there is always room to align deeper, take up more space, reach more humans to lead, create legacy + build wealth!

I am a recovering alcoholic with a dark & twisted past...

depression, abuse, anxiety, self-harm, eating disorders & suicidal ideations that nearly took me out are all part of my story. I have been married twice, struggled financially most of my life & been hell-bent on building the vision I see in my mind's eye for my women's empire: THE KORI LEIGH COLLECTIVE

It's taken years to get to this point, but today the growth, leadership, wealth, influence & reach ...

is exponential.

Welcome to my Vortex, Muse

1+1 does not = 2 around here & the impossible is absolutely possible as we tap into spiritual law & quantum realities.

I'm glad you are here.