I'm Kori.

Self-Care is my Priority.

Plant Magic is the language I speak. The earth is my sanctuary, her sweet foods my medicine and my teaching tools; she is my greatest personal mentor. She showed me that we can all thrive in her garden.

I am a holistic nutritionist and a self-care coach.

In childhood, I innately understood the healing power of foods, and I was always fascinated by the mind-body connection. Our ability to heal our physical, emotional, and spiritual selves continues to captivate me; renders me awestruck.

It was not until I’d descended into my personal ‘dark night of the soul’, then journeyed through growth, that I was truly able to begin to harness my own self-care practices, and accept my gift: immersing myself in my passion of providing soul-medicine for the world, and guiding women back to the earth through body nourishment and the ritual of self-care.

My personal story twists and turns into a darkness that nearly took my life; eating disorders, body shame and hatred, addictions, alcoholism, anger and rage, depression and anxiety, the unresolved grief over the death of my father (he passed when I was six), and an abusive relationship with a man (in adulthood) that lasted much longer than I wish it had. But it was through this darkness that I received one of the most profound gifts of all: the art of surrender.

Through the dark days, in the swamps of the soul, in a state of surrender, I learned lessons and absorbed the wisdom that only the darkness could teach. Through this, I discovered the divine within me. My soul shifted in the depths of that soul swamp, and I emerged with a deeper reverence for the Earth on which we live, the food it provides, and the bodies we inhabit—I embraced the unlimited healing potential of self-care.

It was through the darkness that I found the light.

Each of us can harness an energy which offers us the absolute ability to heal our bodies, our minds, and our souls. We are capable of contentment, forgiveness, and peace, regardless of life's circumstances.

My purpose on this planet is to hold space for each woman in the world to heal her heart.

More About Me:

Born and raised in Calgary, I’m a Certified Professional Co-Active Lifecoach (CPCC), and Certified Holistic Nutritionist (CHN) whose passion for human development and body love, via movement and healthy eating practices, is informed by my past experiences with darkness: addictions, abuse, anxiety, eating disorders, self-loathing, self-harm—all the scary places most don’t want to go, or talk about. 

My life’s mission is to lead women to understand that ‘self’ is a priority.

I teach women the power of self-awareness and self-nourishment so that each can cultivate her own personal self-care practice. My message echoes the philosophy of ‘there being nothing to fix, and nowhere to go’; that simply leaning into the places we live allows each of us to step into our truth, providing authentic moment after authentic moment in which we each rise and are nourished.

Stridently unapologetically attached to pursuing authentic self-empowerment, and dedicated to being a life-long student, embracing mentors, healers, attending courses and workshops, I’m a humanitarian who uses her voice for the underdog. In addition to coaching individuals and groups, you’ll find me crafting potions, elixirs, and meals to heal the mind, body, and soul. I believe the gathering, preparation, and eating are sacred practices.

I am a passionate reader, adore dancing, and share a home with the loves of my life: my two dogs, Atreyu & Merlot.

My first book, part memoir/part self-help,  Atlas of Darkness, will be published in 2017.