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rock bottom alcoholic → multi 6-fig CEO & mom



Your unapologetic, confident af, branding + biz + life mentor for women ready to tap into healed femineity, activated heart-led living & mind-bending Quantum Expansion







Just your spicy asf, say-what-everyone-is-thinking, modern-day deep-thinking-female alan watts, - but who's a Mom and a Business owner - with an obsession for Branding, Content Marketing, and all the down-and-dirty mindset work necessary to heal the bs and live a life, and build a business of absolute excellence. 







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Welcome to the party...

Here in the klc we are obsessed with, and driven by community + connection. Our mission is to build lives & businesses that leave mega impact - without the toxic hustle, abandonment of personal values, or compromise of a healthy, balanced nervous systemfor generations to come, and those gone past.

With every action we take in our lives + businesses, we value prioritizing the Journey above all - falling in love with the moments of life, motherhood, and business.

The question is not, 'How fast can I get there?', but rather, 'How much can I enjoy the passing of time as I build my dream, allowing myself the time it takes?'.

Here in the KLC, we work hard. We are the path foragers, artists, and visionaries. We are obsessed, we make no excuses, and we are dedicated to defying logic and limitations... all while learning to DO less, to trust MORE, and to tap into the ancient + ethereal wisdom of our deep-HEART-yearning.


We have something for everyone here;

In the klc you are going to find a smorgasbord of everything you need to build your business &&& BE’come the CEO you desire to be. Strategy without Inner Work (and no, I do not mean “choose another thought” bs mindset crap, I am talking the real shadow work that forever changes your perspectives on life) is like a balloon with no air....

From our polarizing free content, to the deep heartfelt uncensored emails, to our low ticket membership, thought provoking monthly masterclasses, live programs, masterminds, group coaching, private mentorship…

You name it, sister. Stick around, i promise to activate you, to light a fire under your toosh, to take no excuses and to forever more be hand in hand and heart to heart with your highest self… that part of you that is here to disrupt status quo, ruffle a few feathers and birth an entire new paradigm.








Hey bishhhes! I’m Kori 


I’m an Embodiment Strategist and HEARTled Business Mentor who helps CEOs and entrepreneurs curate and scale online businesses in a very Values-Based, Regulated, Faith-led way; forever more balancing Strategy and Energetics.

I got started as an in-person fitness coach and online food blogger back in 2012. I launched my 1st online course in 2013 (over teleconference, yo!) and I’ve never looked back.

I’m a Mom, and a quirky Aquraian Sun, Gemini Moon, and Mercury-ruled (hello communication is my kink) while being dominated by my feminine, perfectionistic, high achieving, loves-order Virgo Rising. Fun times. And I help other women blow it out of the fucking water in her online business - but without the toxic force, frazzle, and burnout.

The KLC is a giant permission slip; I embody and teach the No Bullshit route back to Your Own Truth, Heart, and Calling - so that you can fearlessly lead the movement God has you here for.

I’ve grown into a half a million dollar/ year business working about 20 hours/ week and ensuring that I still have space and room for intentional parenting, recovery meetings, daily trips to the gym, and my personal trainer. In fact, I have literally built this business around a Me First Philosophy where my Mothering, Self Care, Sobriety, Spiritual Fitness, and Mental Health come above all else.

Let's get the part started, yo.


Standards. Boundaries. Inner work. Mental Stamina. Emotional intelligence. HEARTleadership… 

this is the playground where we develop the mindset & stamina to build the lives and business of our dreams. 

Your mentorship is like ice cream with pop rocks candy in it. It's delicious but most likely a wake up call of little candy bombs to the senses .. a kick in the teeth if you will (in the good kind of way!)

1:1 Client

IWV Queen

I don't know what it is about our talks, but I go from impending doom to a 180 shift and something always seems to move, and the stars align and I feel so much better.

I don't know what it is about our talks, but I go from impending doom to a 180 shift and something always seems to move, and the stars align and I feel so much better.

IWV Queen

Breakthroughs are happening at an unprecedented rate. Where are you taking me? I cannot believe what I uncovered in the week 3 module. Life changing. 

IWV Queen

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